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The Picture Studio is the brainchild of London based photographer, Kayode Fashola. 


Kayode is an experienced freelance photographer, specialising in, weddings, property, events and fashion. His passion for photography started during his adolescent years, when he inherited his father’s Yashica Electro 35mm camera, which he bought whilst visiting Germany. 


Kayode says, “I knew from that very moment I took my first picture that this was my passion for life.” This passion for seeing the world through his lens subsequently led him to establish The Picture Studio.


His approach is simple; he looks to capture the emotions and expressions in every shot without intruding and will on each project produce and deliver a collection of beautiful photographs that will help you to relive those precious moment time after time.


Kayode has worked with several prominent modelling agencies on many high profile projects, and his work has been featured in several editorial publications, such as Contessa's Court International fashion and luxury magazine.


Kayode lives in South London and is married with 2 children.

Kayode in action.
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